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Custard Freezer Machine

Are you interested in providing frozen custard to your customers? The team at J.L.Lennard can provide a custard freezer machine that allows you to store and dispense this delicious treat with ease. Our specialists are proud to offer frozen custard freezer solutions for businesses of all types, including cafés, restaurants and small convenience stores. Whether you want a single flavour continuous dispensing unit or a two flavour variant to accommodate higher demand, we have you covered.

Product Description

We’re proud to offer custard machine solutions that are built to last and produce consistently high-quality frozen custard. These are stand-alone units with one or two 18.9 litre hoppers, meaning you don’t have to worry about setting up additional appliances for them to work. They also feature a mix flow regulatory to ensure correct consistency each and every time. You can rest assured your customers will be completely satisfied with the product they receive. In addition, the machines boast four castor wheels for easy mobility. Two of these are lockable to keep the machine secure and in place.

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Look no further than J.L.Lennard when you want a frozen custard freezer for your business. Contact our friendly team today to learn more, or place an order with us at your earliest convenience.