ROVEMA Cartoning machines

ROVEMA High speed cartoning equipment for direct filling or bag-in-box packing
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Brands: Rovema , ROVEMA


Rovema’s range of cartoning machines handle horizontal or vertical carton loading, direct filling into cartons or bag-in-box configurations.


  1. Bag-in-box format where the carton is a secondary package. Used for increased point-of-sale visibility, improved product protection or more efficient product transport.
  2. Direct filling into cartons e.g. pet food or bag-in-box configurations for slightly dusty products.

Horizontal, end-loading cartoning machines

End-loading cartoners fill product sideways into boxes. Rovema’s end-loaders offer these features across the models:

  • Models with various carton size ranges, up to 300mm
  • Gull-wing doors for easy access.
  • Soft bags, multiple bags or difficult products are supported for smooth insertion.
  • Ergonomic, low loading height of blank magazines.
  • Individual drives with centralised motion control.

Rovema CMH-I - End-load cartoning machine (intermittent motion)

The Rovema CMH-I is a compact, user friendly intermittent motion cartoner:

  • Up to 85 cartons per minute.
  • Forced box opening.
  • Special left or right handed box erectors.
  • Dual insertion slots and automatic calculation of movement profiles on all drives ensures smooth and reliable operation.
  • Optional mirrored installation for two machines with a central operator console

Rovema CMH-C - End load cartoning machine (continuous motion)

  • Up to 250 cartons per minute.
  • Air frame erection of carton blanks.
  • Optional bag loading module with upper guide, overfilling sensor and automatic ejection.

Vertical, top loading cartoning machines

Vertical cartoners fill product into boxes from the top. They feature a separately powered rotation picker with forced box erection.

Rovema CMV - Vertical cartoning machine (bag-in-box)

A compact, yet flexible, vertical cartoner with 1 or 2 integrated bag makers. Bags are transferred directly from the vertical bag maker into the vertical folding box so additional conveyors or transfer systems are not required. A unique optional vibrate-trim-seal feature allows very small carton sizes and maximum product compaction up to 95%, ideal for products such as tea, spices and aerated powders.

  • Up to 120 folding boxes per minute.
  • Size adjustments using spindles with optional position encoders.
  • Patented box erection system.
  • Also produces pillow or block bottom bags without cartons.

Rovema CMV - Vertical cartoning machine (bag-in-box or direct filling)

Supplied with or without an integrated bagger for either bag-in-box formats, or direct fill into cartons. The machine has a continuously revolving filling module at the centre of the machine.

  • Up to 300 folding boxes per minute.
  • Models with various carton size ranges, up to 320mm
  • Labyrinth carton folding system for direct filling.
  • Linear machine layout ensures a clear view of the filling, box erection, cartoning and sealing stations, which can all be controlled independently from the front.
  • Gluing system can be upgraded to a sift proof system.
  • Simple size adjustments using spindles with optional position controllers.

Features of all Rovema cartoning machines

Rovema cartoning machines offer the following features across their range:

  • Programmable 3-dimensional size change - 100% reproducible, reduces conversion times.
  • Industrial PC with Siemens or Allen Bradley controls.
  • User friendly and reliable touch screen.
  • Hygienic design - all product contact parts in stainless steel and optional stainless steel frame.
  • Solidly constructed functional subassemblies and adjustments.
  • Fast, tool-less product changeover enhanced by semi or fully automatic adjustments.
  • Custom sizes and capacities can be specified on request.