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High Performance Cooking

High Performance Cooking – Speed Ovens & More

Is your restaurant struggling to meet demand? Are you tired of waiting hours for food to finish cooking? At J.L.Lennard, we can provide high capacity and high performance food service equipment for businesses where high performance, high capacity cooking and consistent cooking results are required. Whether you need speed ovens that use infrared elements for faster cooking times or fry carousels that use smokeless technology to reduce energy consumption, we have you covered.


What We Offer

Our high performance cooking products include the following:

  • Pratica Speed Ovens – Our speed ovens use a combination of convection heat, high speed impinged air, bottom infrared and precision microwave to cook foods much faster without compromising quality. They’re equipped with adjustable temperature controls, user-friendly interfaces, and removable catalytic converters for ventless operation.
  • Quality Fry Carousels – Products are fried in an enclosed chamber using ventless and smokeless technology. These safe, risk-free tools can use up to 37% less oil, reduce frying times up to 27% percent, and reduce energy consumption by up to 24% percent.


Discuss Your Requirements with Us Today

J.L.Lennard is proud to be a leading supplier of high performance cooking machines, including speed ovens and fry carousels. Contact our helpful team today for more details and to discuss your requirements.