Pratica High Speed Oven Model Chef Express

The Chef Express ovens offer a simple push-button controller with a large baking chamber at a very cost-effective price. Pratica high-speed ovens use a programmed, multi-step combination of microwaves, variable speed top air impingement and lower infra-red elements to deliver the best possible cook in the fastest possible time.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple push button controller with LCD screen
  • Each product program gives the perfect multi-stage cooking cycle to best suit the particular product
  • Integrated catalytic converter removes fats and grease from the circulating air and means the oven does not need to be installed under an extraction canopy
  • The catalytic converter is easily removable by the operator from within the oven chamber for simple periodic cleaning to ensure the cooking results are kept consistent (other brands require a service technician to access this part)
  • Front sliding air filter gives easy access for maintenance
  • Programs are transferrable between ovens via USB interface
  • Smart design means no side clearance is required

Prática is a foodservice equipment manufacturer with a mission to deliver quality and productivity to the foodservice market with their high-performance ovens. See J.L.Lennards Prática range of products here.

Model No:


Ovens include a loading/unloading paddle, double-sided grill tray (flat/ribbed), flexible baking basket, start-upcleaning chemical pack and USB memory stick.

Manufacture Model/s #: Chef Express

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