ANRITSU SSV-H High-accuracy checkweighers for food & pharmaceuticals

pCheckweighers ideal for high-speed applications where accuracy is importantp
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Anritsu SSV-h checkweighers are reliable, high-performance quality assurance systems for high-speed food and pharmaceutical production lines.

High-value product and high accuracy applications
These SSV-h weighing systems are ideal for:

  • Pharmaceutical production lines.
  • Small to large retail packs where accuracy is important.
  • A wide variety of package types: bags, trays, cartons, jars, cans, and bottles.
  • High-speed applications up to 600 packs/min.
  • High-value products where accurate feedback to fillers is crucial.
  • Product weight ranges: 0.4 - 100g, 1.2 - 600g, 6 - 3000g.
  • Single, dual or multi-lane applications.
  • Classification or grading applications.
  • Available in combinations with metal detection or x-ray units.

Meet regulatory requirements
Checkweighing machines inspect 100% of products on a manufacturing line. They are essential quality assurance equipment which ensures that manufacturers meet regulatory weight requirements (such as the Average Quantity System (AQS) ) and to prevent unnecessary giveaway:

  1. Weighs package contents to check the nominal product weight is within prescribed limits;
  2. Rejects non-compliant packs;
  3. If the weights are underweight or overweight, the system feeds the data back to the packaging process so that adjustments are made to correct the fill weights.
  4. Records 100% of the production data for quality assurance and traceability.

Cost savings through process monitoring
Checkweighing also provides savings by preventing unnecessary giveaway and monitoring production efficiencies:

  1. Prevents underweight products being shipped or products with missing components.
  2. Monitors line abnormalities by raising alarms for excessive overweights.
  3. Reduces wastage through trend control of the filling machine.


Consistent accuracy
The SSV-h series checkweigher is equipped with a high-performance force balance weigh cell to ensure your product consistently meets legal requirements.

  • Speeds up to 600 ppm.
  • Accuracy to ±0.01g.
  • Scale interval to 0.001g where applicable.

Quality control function options

  • Trend control.
  • Net weight function.
  • Dividing function.
  • Mean value alarms.
  • Barcode validation.
  • Track and trace.
  • AQS monitoring.
  • 100% recording and traceability.
  • LAN, Printer, USB data portability.
  • Remote monitoring of multiple lines using QUICCA.

Proven, reliable productivity
Almost 100,000 Anritsu checkweighers have been installed worldwide. Anritsu checkweighers are known for their durability and consistent performance.

  • Anritsu’s Smart Measurement Function (SMF) technology prevents unnecessary rejection due to double product errors, improving productivity.
  • Reliable modular system design.
  • Superior documentation.
  • Optional quality control functions, rejection options and reporting.
  • Compact footprint to fit into tight areas.
  • Variety of reject systems to suit the product.

Rejection options
A wide variety of rejection options are available to suit all products and applications:

  • Flipper style diverters.
  • High-speed air diverters.
  • Drop-down or flip-up conveyors.
  • Channelisers and product carriers.

Together with a range of optional reject integrity functions such as:

  • Product reject confirmation.
  • Reject device actuation check.
  • Air pressure check.
  • Excess rejects alarms.
  • Reject bin full.
  • Lockable reject bins.

Pharmaceutical applications
For pharmaceutical applications, the following documents can be provided:

  • Validation support documents.
  • Standard Operating Procedures SOP.
  • Document management ledgers.

Easy operation

  • Easy-to-follow system navigation via an 8.5” colour LCD touchscreen.
  • Operator-intuitive interface.
  • Step by step setup procedures.

Fast, easy cleaning and maintenance

  • Tool-free belt removal.
  • Open frame construction.

Other optional features

  • Integrated metal detector.
  • Line heights from 300mm.
  • Data printer.
  • Product guides.
  • Windshield (full cover, top; protector).