Taylor C161 Soft Serve Machine

Double Barrel (1.4ltr each) Counter Top Model with 2 x 7.6ltr Hopper's maintained below 5°C in Auto and Standby.
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Taylor C161 is a twin barrel machine that can have two flavours of Soft Serve or indeed a twist of the two flavours. You can also run Vanilla in both sides and you have a high capacity machine that is sure to give you the output required in your store. Small in size for a two barrel machine but delivers on the ability to add several different flavours or indeed different types of products. You could have Vanilla in one side of the machine and Chocolate in the other, or maybe add Yoghurt or even Acai to your product range. The NEW C161 will produce up to 190 serves and hour though remains simple to operate and easy to maintain.
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