Food x-ray inspection equipment with high sensitivity and lower energy consumption
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Anritsu XR75 ‘DualX’ dual energy x-ray equipment benefits from 2 main feature upgrades to achieve both reliable and high-specification product inspection: 

  1. Higher sensitivity sensor;
  2. Longer life x-ray generator and sensor.


Anritsu XR75 features meet today’s high demands for food safety, protecting your customers from even the smallest contaminants. Superior, proven image processing technology identifies what previous x-ray system designs may have missed.

DualX technology for fresh food x-ray

The XR75 ‘DualX’ model features Anritsu’s Dual Energy Imaging Technology which analyses two x-ray signals at the same time – one high energy and one low energy. This gives a higher detection rate of low-density items not previously detectable by standard x-ray systems. 

This model inspects fresh food products in a high-speed production environment with outstanding accuracy and precision. The XR75 DualX machine detects:

  • Material differences between organic and inorganic items to detect low-density or soft contaminants like stone, glass, rubber, metal or bone. Ideal for finding bones in poultry and other meat products.
  • Overlapping products and rough surface products in a pack or bag, for example, french fries, frozen vegetables and chicken nuggets.
  • Excellent detection of small metals including wire.

For packaged foods

In addition, for packaged goods, the DualX system offers all of the other detection capabilities of an Anritsu x-ray inspection system, including:

  • Missing product detection
  • Product/ pack count
  • Product shape detection
  • Virtual weight check
  • Package integrity check

For unpackaged foods

For unpackaged foods like raw poultry and meat products which need non-contact product inspection, the XR75 DualX offers a model with a curtainless system.  
Caption: Curtainless system

High Definition technology aids contaminant detection

XR75 DualX x-ray machines also feature Anritsu’s advanced High Definition technology which detects many contaminants to high levels of accuracy, including:

  • Metal (including ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless contaminants) down to 0.4mm* sensitivity using HD Imaging Technology detection. UltraHD technology options are also available which can detect metal down to 0.2mm*.
  • Wire down to 0.5mm x 2mm long* sensitivity.
  • Mineral stones down to 2.0mm*.
  • Bone (in red meat) down to 2.0mm*. (For x-ray inspection detection in poultry see Anritsu’s DualX or Pipeline x-ray system).
  • Glass and mineral stones down to 1.0*mm sensitivity.

* Subject to product density and presentation


New technology and design features

The Anritsu XR75 DualX model offers new x-ray generator and detector features to minimize running costs. It is now more reliable, accurate and energy-efficient.

  • The x-ray generator and detection sensor continue to provide outstanding sensitivity but an integrated cabinet cooling system means the new system generates less heat. This sealed, non-circulating tube cooling system means that no external air conditioning is required, reducing operating costs.
  • If a lower detection sensitivity is suitable for a specific product, the operator can further reduce power usage on the menu using the variable x-ray power function. 

Different sized models

  • Belt widths of 270mm for products up to maximum width 240mm and maximum height 120mm.
  • Belt widths of 420mm for products up to maximum width 390mm and height 220mm.
  • Variable belt speeds to suit specific application.

Long-term machine versatility

The Anritsu x-ray system provides a long-term, flexible inspection solution. Its comprehensive range of adaptable features make it easy for operators to add new applications or products:

  • Algorithms to cover a wide range of products.
  • Variable speed conveyors.
  • Variable power x-ray source.
  • HACCP support.
  • Ethernet connection to QUICCA data collection software. 

Built-in efficiencies

Anritsu x-ray equipment system design focuses on creating efficiencies through easy-to-use parts, support and documentation:

  • Operators can create new products and adjust existing settings using graphs and colour-coded algorithm feedback via Touch Screen HMI, eliminating the need for factory support.
  • The same user interface is used across all the Anritsu XR75 x-ray machines, SSV checkweighers and M6 metal detectors to minimise operator training time.
  • Auto-learn product set-up wizard.
  • Reject logs and image storage.
  • Maintenance logs and diagnostics with on-screen troubleshooting guides.
  • Remote support capable.
  • Data secured on solid state drive with embedded software.
  • USB, Ethernet included - Ethernet/IP options.
  • Compatible with the QUICCA overall quality control and management system.

Sanitary features

  • Removable curtains.
  • Curtainless models.
  • Tool-less, removable belting.
  • Angled external surfaces.  
  • Mirror finish product zone.
  • Enhanced AMI sanitary upgrades (optional).

Easy maintenance

Maintenance features shorten problem diagnosis and help operators to get back up and running without outside assistance, minimising downtime:

  • System diagnostics with error and alarm codes and on-screen corrective action prompts.
  • Plug-and-play boards.
  • Easy-release conveyor design.