Ayrking Breading Tables with Integrated Breading Sifter System

The breading, blending, sifting (BBS) range from Ayrking offers a complete solution for high volume breading and crumbing customers in an all-in-one workstation that will lower labour and wastage costs while increasing efficiency and improving product consistency.

Features & Benefits:

  • Many different table configurations are available to suit specific kitchen layout and workflow
  • Integrated automatic sifting system quickly separates the dough ball clumps and product debris from the usable breading mix
  • Fresh breading is collected to re-use, rejected clumps are collected in a separate waste pan for discarding
  • Great system for food safety and HACCP control by removing any dangerous pathogens from the breading mix
  • During the sifting process, breading spices and additions are reblended evenly through the breading mixture to maintain consistency of flavours.

Options are:

  • Control box left side or right side
  • Many different size and configuration tables available
  • Sifter only mechanism available to retrofit within a custom made bench
  • Various different batter dipping pots, integrated storage tubs, shelving and racking solutions available

AyrKing is a team of food preparation specialists committed to the idea that quality, consistency and profitability all start at the very beginning. AyrKing understands that optimizing the food preparation process is the key to reducing costs and perfecting the final product. Click here to see our full AyrKing equipment range.

Model No:


Removeable breading tub with lid allows for storage in refrigeration when not in use.

Model/s #: BBS-U-LH , BBS-U-RH, BBS-U-4830 , BBS-U-2934, BBS-U-5730, BBS-U-3515, BBS-U-3615, BBS-U-4221, BBS-U-4226

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