Retigo Bakery Combi Oven DeliMaster Range

The Retigo Deli Master combi range is specifically designed for bakery applications but also offers the versatility of general combi oven functions. A perfect space-saving solution for applications needing a reliable and efficient bakery oven in the morning and a multipurpose combi oven later in the day. Here's your solution!

Features and Benefits: 

  • 8" intuitive colour touch screen controller
  • 1000/20 step programs available in easy to navigate icon-based menu
  • Easy Cooking programs are pre-programmed automatic cycles for commonly cooked products with ability to edit,
  • 3 main cooking modes - steam, dry convection and combi mode, special programs for rethermalisation, cook and hold, delta T, confit, overnight cooking and 'Golden Touch' feature
  • 6 point probe for accurate core temperature based cooking
  • 7 fan speed settings
  • Multi rack timers for cooking multiple different products at once
  • Auto reversing fan provides an even cooking temperature throughout the chamber
  • Advanced steam generation system
  • Crosswise tray configuration allows for better visuals of products cooking in oven and safer for loading/unloading,
  • Side-mounted hand shower
  • Auto self-cleaning with 4 intensity levels
  • HACCP records displayed on screen

Options are:

  • Advanced steam injection 
  • Electric models only
  • Oven models available to suit 5x 600x400mm or 8x 600x400mm bakery trays
  • GN size racking available on request

A new addition to the J.L.Lennard portfolio, Retigo is a leading independent manufacturer of combi ovens supporting foodservice professionals for over 25 years. If you're after precise, high-quality cooking and utility each and every day, Retigo is the only choice. To see our full Retigo combi oven range, click here.

Model No:


Triple glazed glass door, Requires 3 phase power, 6 x 2/3 GN models are convertible to single-phase power, 20 and 40 tray models include roll-in racks, all ovens include water filter install kit (RO water filter system may be required in some area's based on water quality. Additional charge), water drain kit, electrical cable and plug, startup cleaning chemical pack.

Model/s#: DM5, DM8

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