PACRAFT Pre-made pouch packing machines for liquids

Pouch filling and sealing machines for liquid and wet products including shelf-stable and retort applications.
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This Pacraft pouch packing machine is a rotary system providing core filling and sealing functions with many model options for handling different product types or different pre-made pouch designs.

There are multiple options for additional stations to provide extra filling, sealing or inspection functions. Duplex models offer opportunities to increase outputs and production efficiencies. The versatility of this pouch packer provides an excellent solution to smaller food manufacturers who produce multiple products, packed in a variety of pre-made pouch types. It also makes this machine a smart choice for contract packers who wish to offer a wide variety of pack and product options.



Multiple pre-made pouch types
Pacraft pouch packers handle a wide range of pre-made pouch types:

  • Flat or stand-up pouches including doypacks and flat-bottomed pouches laminated pouches, retortable pouches, stand-up pouches, pouches with press-to-close and zipper, PE pouches.
  • Floating gusset pouches with single/ double layer film.
  • Pouches with heavier films for retort sterilisation applications.
  • Pouches with re-sealable closures to extend shelf life such as press-to-close or zippers.

Wet product and liquid filling applications
There are various models with different fill options for:

  • Liquids
  • Wet products
  • Hard-to-handle sticky products
  • Items being packed for retort process applications

Typically, applications for this range of pouch packers include products from the food, pet food or household chemicals industries:

  • Shelf-stable, refrigerated and frozen foods such as:
    • Fresh refrigerated foods such as fresh meats, seafoods, fresh cut fruit & vegetables.
    • Frozen foods like berries, mango, dumplings, seafood, fish portions.
    • Shelf-stable foods and ready meals such as pre-cooked rice, fresh noodles, ready-to-eat meals, seafood, soups, gravies, oils, spices & herbs.
    • Beverages such as juices.
  • Pet foods including wet pet food packed into single serve pouches.
  • Household chemicals such as liquid detergents or soaps and other chemicals.



Modular design for versatile applications
Customised solutions to suit your pouch size and type and the product characteristics of the product to be packed. Add extra stations for additional filling, sealing and product inspection functions.

Production efficiencies
Duplex models maximise production efficiencies with increased output. Designed for long-life and durability

  • Well thought-out machine design for speedy product changeovers.
  • All-round machine access for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Robust construction for durability and long machine life.
  • Compact, rotary design to minimise factory floor space requirements.

Sanitary design
Sanitary design for wet/humid environments & washdown applications. Fast 10-15 minute changeover
Changeovers can be done easily between pouch sizes in 10-15 minute. Ideal for companies that manufacture multiple products who prefer not to have multiple packing machines, or contract packers.



High-precision pouch feeding method
Over many years, Toyo Jidoki has developed and refined a highly-efficient pouch loading system. It ensures that only one pouch is collected and fed into the machine at one time, preventing feed congestion:

  • A 3-point pouch pick-up design automatically senses and picks up individual pre-made pouches from a conveyor-style pouch feeder and aligns them, ready for opening and filling.
  • Conveyors are extendable for large pouches and longer autonomous operation.
  • No separate feed tooling, tool adjustments or changeover required for handling different flat or stand-up pouch designs.

Range of diving funnels or nozzles for different bag sizes and product types
A range of diving nozzle designs for different product types ensure fast and efficient pouch filling without spillage or congestions. Custom funnels and nozzles ensure very accurate, repeatable fill volumes for every production run to reduce under/overfill rejects and unnecessary product wastage:

  • Different shape and surface designs accommodate a wide range of product formats of different viscosity and flow.
  • Options for difficult-to-fill wet solids.
  • A product tamping device ensures product is filled well into the bag before sealing.

High seal integrity on pouches
A high quality seal is especially important for retort applications to prevent leakage through capillary channels, and to maintain product freshness.

  • Pacrafts 3-stage pouch sealing process (Heat+Heat+Cool) ensures strong seal integrity:
    • The first stage heats the seal area to evaporate residual fluid in the seal area and pre-warm the seal.
    • The second heating stage seals the pack.
    • The third stage cools.
  • A range of flat, ridged or straight-line sealing profiles to suit different pouch materials or designs ensures wrinkle-free, channel-free seals to protect seal integrity.A poorly sealed pouch with wrinkles or channels allows the ingress of moisture or air, affecting product quality and potentially causing pouch leakage.



Pacraft TT-8DR series 8-station pouch machines
Models which accommodate wide pack sizes.

  • Wide pouch size range. Width 120-260mm, 80-220mm; Length: 130-400mm.
  • Liquid filling volume: Choice of 300, 500 & 1,000ml interchangeable pumps.
  • Operating speeds of up to 40 pouches per minute.

Pacraft TT-8C2 series 8-station pouch machines
Models with a large product size range.

  • Pouch sizes: Width 150-290mm (180-320), 240-400mm Length 140-400mm, max. 550mm.
  • Filling volumes: max. 3,000cc, max. 5,000cc.
  • Operating speeds of 20-25 pouches per minute.

Pacraft TT-10CR series 10-station pouch machines
10-station, duplex model makes space for additional functions such as filling, steam and nitrogen flushing, seal inspection and rejection.

  • Pouch sizes: Width 100-230mm Length 130-300mm.
  • Liquid filling volumes: Choice of 300, 500 & 1,000ml interchangeable pumps.
  • Operating speeds up to 40 pouches per minute.

Pacraft TT-9CW series 9-station pouch machines
These models offer options for N2 gas flushing, steam injection, seal area cleaning, product-in-seal detection, ultrasonic sealing:

  • Pouch sizes: Width 80-150mm, 120-180mm; Length 120-230 (300) mm, 150-300 (400) mm.
  • Liquid filling volumes: 350cc, 750cc.
  • Operating speeds up to 90 pouches per minute.
  • Wide flexibility with pouch sizes and options at higher speeds.

Pacraft TT-10CWS series 10-station pouch machines

High speed, duplex models for small pouch formats.

  • Pouch sizes: Width 70-l00mm; Length 120-170 (300) mm, 150-300 (400) mm.
  • Liquid filling volumes: 350cc, 750cc.
  • Operating speeds up to 125 pouches per minute.
  • Options for N2 gas flushing, steam injection, seal area cleaning, product-in-seal detection, ultrasonic sealing.