Wood or charcoal barbeque oven and grill.

Stainless-steel and cast-iron combustion chamber with brushed stainless-steel finish for hygeine.

Ideal for grilling, smoking and roasting.

Model No:


Fire box designed to contain 5 kg of charcoal, 7 kg of firewood.

Manual air regulation to the fire box

Manual flue regulation.


Grill Drawer;


  • Innovative compass opening of the grill drawer, the door hinges are not directly in contact with the combustion chamber, thus reducing maintenance.
  • The drawer is equipped with stainless-steel grill, easily removable and dishwasher-safe.
  • The drawer is opened with ergonomic heat-proof handles, with a security snap and hermetic closures.
  • The drawer is equipped with a fire-resistant rear stopper that prevents heat and smoke from escaping when the drawer is opened.
  • The drawer is equipped with analogue thermometeres.
  • Drip and condensate trays are dishwasher safe.
  • The trays can also be used as support surfaces during the start-up.


Available in one, two, three and four drawer configurations.




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