Ayrking Tumble and Vacuum Marinators

The Ayrking tumble marinators offer a solution for fast and efficient marinating and tenderising of meats and other products.

Features & Benefits:

  • Model M101 features a 134 L marinating drum and tenderisers meats during the tumbling process
  • Model VM101 has a 40.6 L vacuum marinating drum which results in much faster marinating of products under vacuum
  • Both models feature removable stainless steel marinating drums for easy cleaning

Options are:

  • Tumble marinator or Vacuum tumble marinator

AyrKing is a team of food preparation specialists committed to the idea that quality, consistency and profitability all start at the very beginning. AyrKing understands that optimizing the food preparation process is the key to reducing costs and perfecting the final product. Click here to see our full AyrKing equipment range.

Model No:


Model/s #: M101, VM101

CAD Files

Spec Sheets

M101Y-Specifications (403.30 kB)
VM101-Specifications (398.58 kB)