High sensitivity x-ray product inspection for stand-up packs and containers using lower energy levels
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Anritsu’s XR75’s ‘Side View’ x-ray system is mounted over your existing conveyor system, removing the need for product transfers and eliminating potential jams.

The XR75 Side View is ideal for narrow, flexible plastic or metal-chain conveyors where space is tight as it shares some of the existing straight conveyor.


Anritsu XR75 Side View x-ray equipment combines reliable, high-specification inspection with a low total cost of ownership.

Pack types

The ‘Side View’ model inspects rigid, standing/ upright packs such as:

  • PET or glass bottles with plastic or metal caps.
  • Glass jars with plastic or metal lids.
  • Standup pouches (including pouches in pure aluminium foil and pouches with spouts)
  • Vertical cartons (including cartons with metal pour spouts).
  • Aluminium or steel cans.

Inspection functions

Anritsu X-ray inspection systems are proven to meet today’s high demands for food safety. XR75 Side View’s advanced technology protects your customers from even the smallest contaminants. Superior image processing identifies what previous x-ray systems may have missed.

The side view system performs the following inspections:

  • Detects contaminants in jars with lids.
  • Identifies product and packaging shape defects.
  • Monitors fill level.
  • Identifies missing product and product/ pack count.
  • Provides virtual weight.
  • Verifies product and pack integrity.

Contaminants detected
XR75 x-ray machines detect many contaminants to high levels of accuracy using Anritsu’s advanced HD imaging technology, including:

  • Metal (including ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless contaminants) down to 0.6mm* sensitivity.
  • Wire down to 0.5mm x 2mm long* sensitivity.
  • Glass in glass jars, down to 2.0mm* sensitivity.

* Subject to product density and presentation


Different sized models

  • Max product size: width 150mm and height 250mm. Optional 290mm height.
  • Customer’s maximum conveyor size: width 250mm and height 250mm.
  • Overall length: 2,000mm (curtain-free system)
  • Belt speeds: 10 - 120m/min.

Long-term machine versatility
The Anritsu x-ray system provides a long-term, flexible inspection solution. Its comprehensive range of adaptable features make it easy for operators to add new applications or products:
  • Algorithms to cover a wide range of products.
  • Variable speed conveyors.
  • Variable power x-ray source.
  • HACCP support.
  • Ethernet connection to QuiCCA data collection software.
  • Touchless, curtain-free option.

Built-in efficiencies

Anritsu x-ray equipment system design focuses on creating efficiencies through easy-to-use parts, support and documentation:

  • Reject timing: Encoder pulses.
  • Operators can create new products and adjust existing settings using graphs and colour-coded algorithm feedback via Touch Screen HMI, eliminating the need for factory support.
  • Data secured on solid-state drive with embedded software.
  • The same user interface is used across all the Anritsu XR75 x-ray machines, SSV checkweighers and M5/M6 metal detectors to minimise operator training time.

Sanitary features

  • Mounts over customer’s conveyor – no moving parts, no transfer points or curtains.
  • Angled external surfaces.
  • Mirror finish product zone.
  • Rated IP65/IP40 (optional IP66).

Easy maintenance Maintenance features shorten problem diagnosis and help operators to get back up and running without outside assistance, minimising downtime:

  • System diagnostics with error and alarm codes and on-screen corrective action prompts.
  • Plug-and-play boards.
  • Easy-release conveyor design.