Henny Penny Heated Display Merchandisers (HMR)

Henny Penny HMR heated display merchandisers offer exceptional conditions for holding, displaying and merchandising your hot food products. Increasing your hot food sales relies on a good quality visual display of your products and these HMR cabinets have proven to increase product sales.

Feature and Benefits:

  • Individually controlled top heating over each section/well to set the conditions to best suit the product in that section
  • Dry heating system means it does not rely on steam to hold temperature and hence no excessive moisture or condensation on the front glass leaving a clear view for customers to see displayed products
  • independently controlled water bath can be activated if additional humidity is desired - still without sweating on the front glass
  • Maintains safe holding temperatures for HACCP control
  • Lift up the front glass on gas struts for easy cleaning
  • Fold-down and removable rear sandwich prep bench
  • Integrated digital temperature probe for HACCP procedures
  • Removable rear doors for faster service during peak demand

Options are:

  • Full service (glass front) or self-service (open front)
  • 3, 4 ,5, 6 or 7 well configuration
  • Choice of glass profiles

Henny Penny design, develop, and manufacture premium foodservice equipment known for reliability, ease of use and low operating costs. To see our full Henny Penny range, click here.

Model No:


Tinted rear door glass prevents seeing through cabinet to staff area, removable side glass for cleaning, halogen lighting, independant control over lights and heating

Model #: HMR103,HMR104,HMR105,HMR106,HMR107

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