UET COMPACT Semi-automatic cartoning machines

Highly flexible vertical cartoning machines with small footprint
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Brands: UET , U-E-T


UET’s semi-automatic ‘COMPACT’ vertical cartoners have a small footprint of 1.5m2 - 1.9m2 and flexible filling stations for manual or automatic product loading. Ideal for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food applications.


UET cartoners package a wide variety of product types into various carton formats for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics and food industries. The range offers excellent versatility for contract packers. Typical product applications include:

  1. Pharmaceutical, veterinary and nutraceutical items packed in blister packs, vials, bottles, tubes, sachets.
  2. Medical devices such as diagnostic kits, pharmaceutical delivery devices, injectables.
  3. Cosmetics and toiletries of all kinds, including soap.
  4. Dry food products.

One flexible changepart for multiple products

To change between products, operators adjust UET’s patented "Stella" universal size wheel. The Stella part doesn’t require custom change parts or tools for different products, making this a highly flexible cartoning machine.

Product and carton configurations

The COMPACT cartoning machinery range includes several models to accommodate multiple product and carton configurations with a choice of box-closing options:

  • Grouping table for bundling multiple items per carton.
  • Automatic infeed systems for handling bottles, jars.
  • Automatic leaflet inserter for including user information.
  • Most tuck-in carton styles (airplane, reverse), hot-glue carton closure or a combination of both.

Ideal cartoning machine for contract packers

UET offers the ideal cartoning solution for contract packers who handle different box sizes as COMPACT’s tooling can be quickly and easily converted to package different products. For a contract packer, this equipment offers maximum cartoning flexibility for limited floorspace.

Features of UET COMPACT cartoning machines

Fast, repeatable product changeovers

Operators can complete product changeovers in as little as 15 minutes, thanks to:

  • UET’s patented universal STELLA® wheel. This adjustable sizing device means that changeover does not require different size parts for different products.
  • Quick-locking levers at each adjustment position.
  • Accurate read-scales for fast, repeatable changeovers.

Options for pharmaceutical and veterinary packaging applications

All UET COMPACT models offer a number of options for batch tracking and pack inspection to accommodate the stringent QA and product inspection requirements of pharmaceutical and medical packaging:

  • Stainless steel machine plates.
  • Carton coding including embossing, hot-foil, ink-jet coding, HP coding technology.
  • Integrates with many OEM code scanning systems on the market.
  • Grouping complete, packed products for further processing.
  • Pharmaceutical pack inspection systems include code reading and track-and-trace systems.
  • Robust, reliable machine construction.
  • Mechanical drive with mechanical overload clutch. 
  • PLC machine function control.

UET COMPACT Cartoner models


This is an ideal small-batch or entry level cartoning machine.

  • 6 working stations including 1 manual filling station.
  • Carton sizes: Height 60-180mm; Width 25-120mm; Depth 18-60mm. Special sizes on request.
  • Output: Up to 50 boxes/ min depending on the operator’s product load cycle.
  • Small machine footprint: 1140 x 1110 x 1400 mm.


COMPACT 4 is an ideal small-batch cartoner for those with multiple products, or contract packers.

  • 8 working stations, including up to 3 stations for manual/ automatic product feeding or automatic leaflet inserter.
  • Carton sizes: Height 25-120mm; Width 18-90mm; Depth 60-180mm. Special sizes on request.
  • Output: Up to 50 boxes/ min depending on the operator’s product load cycle.
  • Small machine footprint: 1500 x 1400 x 1500 mm.
  • Optional automatic robotic arm for product pick-and-place.


The COMPACT 5 is UET’s newest, and most flexible, cartoning machine with additional safety and inspection features:

  1. Safety system to ensure the operator is clear of the product loading area.
  2. Vision inspection system which scans cartons for correct inclusions and placement of product. Suitable for products which also require an information leaflet or applicator in the cartons.

The UET COMPACT 5 cartoner has more stations than the COMPACT 3 or COMPACT 4 models, so it can offer even greater flexibility in carton closure options such as tuck, glue or both. More fill stations also allow greater operator output.

  • 10 working stations, including up to 5 stations for flexible configurations eg additional filling or carton closure options. 
  • Several components can be inserted into each box, and several operators can fill the cartons simultaneously.
  • Carton sizes: Height 60-180mm; Width 25-120mm; Depth 18-90mm. Special sizes on request.
  • Output: up to 50 boxes/ min depending on the operator’s product load cycle.
  • Small machine footprint: 1500 x 1400 x 1500 mm.
  • Optional automatic robotic arm for product pick-and-place.
  • Combined tuck-in and hot-melt closure with a tamper-evident seal.
  • Fully automated leaflet inserter for user information.
  • HP cartridge printing system.