ROVEMA Automatic bagging machines

ROVEMA Vertical form-fill-seal bagging equipment for all bag types
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Brands: Rovema , ROVEMA


Rovema is regarded as the world leader in bag making innovation, supplying intermittent or continuous motion bagging machines to suit almost any application.


Rovema bagging machines are very versatile, handling almost any product type, bag design and packaging material.

Bag types include:

  • Flat bags or pillow bags.
  • Block-bottom bags or stand up bags.
  • Stabilo-seal bags (4 sided edge-sealed bags or corner-sealed bags).
  • Side-gusseted bags.
  • Flexcan bags.
  • Ropack bags (similar to doy style stand-up pouches).
  • Re-sealable bags Zip, Aplix and “Easy Peel” re-closures.

Product types include:

  • Foods - fresh food, frozen food, dried food, confectionery, bakery, snacks.
  • Chemicals/ household products Industrial products such as hardware, components etc.
  • Coarse, lumped, granulated, pieced, powdered, pasty or liquid products.

Packaging materials:

  • Almost any type and thickness of mono, laminate or co-extruded bagging materials.

Intermittent vertical form-fill-seal bagging machines

Rovema BVI intermittent bagger for maximum versatility

A robust and cost-efficient intermittent motion bagger, perfect for companies looking for a reliable, yet versatile, work-horse form-fill and seal machine. Also available in twin configuration. The BVI bagger produces a huge variety of bag styles from simple pillow bags to complex 4-sided Stabilo seal bags. High sealing pressures up to 8,000N make this machine suitable for a wide range of heavy packaging films. Features Rovema's “Premium Seal” and “Sense & Seal” function.

Continuous vertical form-fill-seal bagging machines

Rovema BVK continuous bagger for high speeds with maximum flexibility

A high performance, entry level bagging machine, with gentle product handling even for delicate items. It offers the same bag style versatility as the intermittent BVI bagger, but with Rovema’s proven “D-Cam jaw operation” technology.

Rovema BVC continuous bagger with flexible servo function

The ultimate servo-operated bagging machine with excellent pack design flexibility but extremely low maintenance.

  • Speeds up to 240 bags per minute with single tube.
  • Adjustable, controlled sealing path with variable jaw opening, programmable sealing pressure up to 8,000N and sealing time.
  • Features Rovema's “ Premium Seal technology and “Sense & Seal" function.
  • Programmable bag sealing parameters (cycle number, bag length, sealing pressures up to 8000N, sealing time, sealing temperature, sealing path and cooling time).
  • Available in 3 size ranges: 50-180mm (gusset fold 220mm); 60-260mm (gusset fold 320mm); 80-400 mm.

Rovema SBS brick pack bagging machines

Produces durable brick packs with a variety of top closures in mono-or multi-layered materials, perfect for packing coffee, dried fruits or rice. The SBS brick bag packer can also operate as a conventional form-fill-seal machine producing pillow packs, offering even greater flexibility.

  • Fill volumes up to 4,000 cm3.
  • Operating speeds up to 120 cycles per minute.
  • Up to 30 different pack closing formats available.

Features of all Rovema bagging machines

  • Rovema's “Sense & Seal” function detects any product in the sealing jaw area, disables the cutting knife and produces a double bag, which is later rejected from the line.
  • The machine continues to run without stopping, maintaining line efficiency. It also protects the sealing jaws and cutting knife which reduces maintenance. Often, the rejected product is also recovered.
  • Rovema’s award winning “Premium Seal” technology offers complete control of all bag sealing parameters to cater for a broad range of pack materials, thicknesses and designs.
  • Sealing temperature, sealing time, sealing pressure and cooling can all be individually programmed and stored with individual recipes for complete repeatability. This produces superior sealing seam quality, even for difficult films or at high speeds.
  • Handling of bagging films 20 - 200µm, from thin mono films to heavy laminates.
  • Full integration with weighing, dosing, filling, conveying and handling systems.
  • Optional gas flushing to increase product shelf life.
  • Typically less than 1% residual oxygen content, depending on the product and dosing system used.
  • Easy-to-open and re-sealable bag seal options.
  • User friendly industrial PC machine control touch panels allow programmable adjustment parameters for fast changeovers.
  • Quick, tool-less changeover.
  • Standard “off the shelf” components from Phoenix, Siemens Allen Bradley, Rexroth and Fuji.