ANRITSU SSV-F Economy checkweighers for food and pharma

Versatile and reliable checkweighers for in-line food and pharmaceutical product inspection.

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Anritsu SSV-f checkweighers are simple to operate, reliable and make an excellent choice for most food and pharmaceutical applications.

Versatile applications

  • Production lines for small to large packs.
  • A wide variety of package types: bags, trays, cartons, jars, cans, and bottles.
  • Product weight ranges: 6 - 600g, 12g - 3kg, 60g - 6kg, 60g - 15kg, 60g - 25kg.
  • Single, dual or multi-lane applications.
  • Classification or grading applications.
  • Available in combinations with metal detection or x-ray inspection units.

Anritsu has a wide range of standard, off-the-shelf checkweighing models, ready to install to get your production line going faster.

Meets regulatory requirements
Checkweighing machines inspect 100% of products on a manufacturing line. They are essential quality assurance equipment which ensures that manufacturers meet regulatory weight requirements (such as the Average Quantity System (AQS) ) and to prevent unnecessary giveaway:

  1. Weighs package contents to check the nominal product weight is within prescribed limits;
  2. Rejects non-compliant packs;
  3. If the checked weights are underweight or overweight, the system feeds the data back to the packaging process so that adjustments are made to correct the fill weights.
  4. Records 100% of the production data for quality assurance and traceability.

Cost savings through QA process monitoring
Checkweighing also provides savings by preventing unnecessary giveaway and monitoring production efficiencies:

  • Prevents underweight products being shipped or products with missing components.
  • Monitors line abnormalities by raising alarms for excessive overweights.
  • Reduces wastage through trend control of the filling machine.


Consistent accuracy
The SSV-f checkweigher series uses a highly versatile load cell to weigh packs.

  • Accuracy from ±0.2g at 3?.
  • Scale interval from 0.2g.

Proven, reliable productivity
Almost 100,000 Anritsu checkweighers have been installed worldwide. Anritsu checkweighers are known for their durability and consistent performance.

  • Anritsu’s ‘Smart Measurement Function’ (SMF) technology prevents unnecessary rejection due to double product errors, improving productivity.
  • Speeds up to 400 products/min, depending on the application.
  • Reliable modular system design with superior documentation.
  • Optional quality control functions, rejection options and reporting.
  • Compact footprint to fit into tight areas.

Quality control function options

  • Trend control.
  • Net weight function.
  • Dividing function.
  • Mean value alarms.
  • Barcode validation.
  • Track and trace.
  • AQS monitoring.
  • 100% recording and traceability.
  • Remote monitoring of multiple lines using Anritsu QUICCA software.

Reject options
Multiple rejection options to suit a variety of products and applications:

  • Flipper style diverters.
  • Mechanical or air blast pushers.
  • Dropdown or flip-up conveyors.
  • Channelisers and product carriers.
  • Grading conveyors.

Together with a range of optional reject integrity functions such as:

  • Product reject confirmation.
  • Reject device actuation check.
  • Air pressure check.
  • Excess reject alarms.
  • Reject bin full.
  • Lockable reject bins.

Pharma applications
For pharmaceutical applications, the following documents can be supplied:

  • Validation support documents.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
  • Document management ledgers.

Easy operation

  • Easy system navigation via an 8.5” colour LCD touchscreen with six display modes.
  • Smart guide with step-by-step setup procedures.


  • Full statistics capability.
  • Daily e-report collection. All data saved locally.
  • Data export via e-report eliminates manual data collection.
  • Optional printer.
  • USB port and LAN as standard with optional WiFi.
  • Compatible with Anritsu QUICCA quality management software.
  • Other optional features

    • Integrated metal detector.
    • Optional line heights from 300mm.
    • Data printer.
  • Product guides.
  • Windshield (full cover; top; protector).