Fuji In-line feeders for flow wrappers

High speed product feeding systems for flow wrappers.

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In-line feeders automatically or semi-automatically transport products to the packaging machine. They separate and precisely position items, so they are accurately presented for wrapping into the chosen pack format.

For high speed flow wrapping lines, in-line feeders can buffer and accumulate products to keep up with production outputs.

Feeder Applications

Fuji’s range of inline feeding systems offers a variety of models to accommodate the characteristics of different product types and packaging formats.

Product types handled:

  • Small products
  • Wide products
  • Hard-to-handle or sticky products

Feeding for different packaging formats:

  • Separation of product for individual packaging
  • Bundling or grouping of products for multipacks
  • Products can be arranged into rows, batches, or random presentation
  • Single row or multi-level stacking

Feeder options

Fuji supply a wide range of product feeders, conveyors and dispensers to handle different product types and pack formats:

Types of feeder:

  • Disc feeders
  • Pitched chain feeders (standard or extended)
  • Random belt feeders
  • Attachless belt feeders
  • Multiple belt feeders
  • Removable feeders for hygienic applications

Types of conveyor and product dispenser:

  • Pooling conveyors and dispensers
  • Orienting and alignment conveyors
  • Vertical buffers
  • Tray and paperboard dispensers
  • Stainless steel models are available for sanitary and pharmaceutical applications.