XLT Integrated AVI Extraction Hoods

Keeping your kitchens cooler, cleaner & quieter than your standard overhead extraction system. These XLT custom-built oven hood systems are designed to increase the efficiency of your XLT oven while solving many of the common issues found with large ovens. Temperature control within your kitchen will no longer be a problem allowing for happier staff while also lowering your air conditioning running costs.

Features and Benefits: 
  • Hoods specifically designed to suit your XLT oven model whether a single oven, double or triple stack
  • End shrouds only remove the heated air from the oven chamber openings and not extracting all the environment air
  • Saves on running costs of store air conditioning units
  • Keeps the kitchen environment cooler for staff comfort
  • Lowers the ambient noise within the kitchen to give a calmer working environment
  • Constructed in all 304 stainless steel with the option to custom colour to suit the store decore and make the oven and hood a shop feature
  • Hood can be interlocked with the ovens installed and increase the fan velocity depending on the number of ovens operating to give running cost savings

Options are:

  • Specific hood sizes to suit specific XLT oven models
  • Hood shroud kits to suit single, double and triple stacked ovens
  • Optional VFD controller

XLT is known around the world as the gold standard in commercial conveyor ovens, radiant ovens and hoods. Supplying many of the world’s largest pizza chains with XLT's reputation for reliability, bake performance and a world-class leading parts & labour warranty makes it the only choice for your business. See our full XLT oven and hood range, click here.



Model No:


Includes stainless steel legs, built tough in the USA.

Model/s #: H3-1832-1, H3-1832-2, H3-1832-3, HS-2440-1, H3-2440-2, H3-2440-3, H3-3240-1, H3-3240-2, H3-3240-3, H3-3255-1, H3-3255-2, H3-3255-3, H3-3270-1, H3-3270-2, H3-3270-3, H3-3855-1, H3-3855-2, H3-3855-3, H3-3870-1, H3-3970-2, H3-3870-3