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Are you looking for the best electric chip fryers for your commercial kitchen in Australia? The team at J.L.Lennard has you covered with products that can meet the most demanding cooking requirements. Our products are sourced from leading brands such as Henny Penny and are engineered to be durable while continually providing consistent results. Whether you want to deep fry chicken, chips, fish or donuts, our electric fryer units can produce delicious results.

The Benefits of Electric Fryers

Frying is one of most popular methods of cooking, but there’s still some debate among professional chefs over whether electric fryers are superior to gas fryers. The answer depends largely on personal preference, but an electric open fryer or pressure fryer has features that offer multiple benefits, including:

  • Easy to Use – Intuitive controls, stainless steel baskets with long handles, and convenient autolift functions mean an electric frying appliance is easy to use and makes cooking more enjoyable
  • Safe to Use – Anti-heat handles, automatic temperature controls, safety lid protectors, and other features make an electric fryer safe to use
  • Extra Space – Electric fryers are larger and have more cooking space than gas fryers, allowing you to cook more food at once
  • Quicker Results – If you have less time to cook, electric deep fat fryer equipment can produce delicious and nutritious foods more quickly without compromising on quality

The range of electric fryers for sale at J.L.Lennard has many of these benefits and more. We’re confident that you’ll experience a significant improvement in the results of your cooking in next no time.

See What We Have for Sale Today

If you’re asking yourself “where can I find the best commercial electric deep fryer near me at an affordable price?”, you can find your answer at J.L.Lennard. Get in touch with us today for more information about what we have for sale and how our products can make cooking food far better.