ANRITSU M6H Metal detectors for large products

New! Large metal detectors for products in bulk flow, large bags and cartons

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Anritsu M6-h metal detectors inspect:

  1. Raw materials before ingredient processing.
  2. Finished and packaged products to ensure quality assurance and consumer safety.

The dual-frequency system in the large format model identifies both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and is suitable for:

  1. Free flow and bulk flow products.
  2. Packaged products up to 400mm high and 650mm wide.
  3. Products up to 50kg in weight.

Detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Anritsu's patented ‘Dual Wave’ and dual-frequency technology simultaneously detects fragments, wires, shavings and flakes of:

  • Ferrous metals.
  • Non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper, bronze etc.
  • Stainless steel grades 304 & 316.

Reliable and consistent detection
In general, checkweighers can often have difficulty obtaining reliable metal detection readings because of:

  1. Variations in environmental conditions, like temperature and humidity’;
  2. ‘Product effect’ (the unique properties of a product) which can mask metal signals.

Anritsu’s M6-h series solves this problem by incorporating Anritsu’s ‘Dual Wave’ and dual-frequency technologies. They work together to minimise these environmental and product influences on the metal detector. As a result, Anritsu’s M6-h series delivers unrivalled metal detection sensitivity on your production lines, consistently finding the smallest contaminants in all product types.

Metal detection machines protect your brand
Product inspection testing ensures that your products reach customers in optimum condition – protecting both your customers’ safety and your company’s reputation.

Metal detection equipment identifies foreign contaminants and some other dense foreign objects. This product inspection test forms an essential part of the quality assurance process during product manufacturing and packaging.


Built-in, ‘Dual Wave’ digital signal processing

  • Reduces instability caused by external environmental effects.
  • Reduces false rejects caused by interference from external sources like vibration, electrical and radio noise from other nearby machines.
  • Isolates product effect and minimizes its impact on detection.
  • Allows continuous self-diagnostic.

‘Auto-Learn’ system
Anritsu’s ‘Auto-Learn’ process optimises the best phase, frequency and detection algorithms for each product type. To optimise a product, operators simply follow the on-screen directions. This provides the most reliable and repeatable detection possible.

Back & forth auto setting

  • When configuring, the ‘Auto-Learn’ process needs to pass a product through the machine multiple times. For heavy bags, where it is difficult for operators to keep lifting the product off and onto the conveyor between each pass, the system runs the conveyors back and forth with the product in place.
  • After auto-setting, the sensitivity of ferrous and stainless steel test pieces is displayed on-screen.

User-level security measures

  • Multi-level passwords prevent operators accidentally changing critical product settings.
  • Optional barcode reader for fast and secure product changeovers.

Superior reject handling and analysis

  • A variety of reject options can be specified to handle bulk or large products.
  • Optional reject confirmation ensures that rejected products are fully removed from the production line.
  • A variety of alarms e.g. low-air pressure, downstream stoppage, reject device failure etc. can be specified to meet supplier standards.
  • Built-in diagnostic screens show the possible causes of false rejects and provide on-screen suggestions for minimising future false rejects.
  • Daily inspection reports (on-screen, USB or optional printer) provide quality and log management data summaries for fast responses to enquiries from retailers or customers.

GMP-designed conveyors for easy operation and cleaning

  • Tool-free belt removal for easy cleaning or replacement.
  • Automatic belt tensioner.
  • &lsquoAuto-Learn’ process for easy product set-up via an on-screen wizard.
  • Troubleshooting & help screens.
  • IP30 / IP66 dust and waterproof protection rating.