JL Lennard

Fondant Sheeters

At J.L.Lennard, we’re proud to stock a range of high-quality fondant sheeters for commercial kitchen environments. These are suitable for various cooking applications, including pizzas and cinnamon rolls as well as yeast raised donuts and fondant. Whether you want a side operated pizza dough sheeter or an adjustable tabletop press, we’re confident that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for within our range.


Our Available Products


Depending on your specific needs, our fondant sheeters are available in multiple sizes and configurations for you to choose from. We offer side-operated and front-operated sheeters that are compact and easy to use, capable of sheeting 500 to 600 pieces per hour. We also stock double pass rollers that can produce 30 pieces per minute, are easily adjustable for different bread types, and feature safety sensors for automatic shutoff. In addition, we stock tabletop presses that eliminate downtime and increase efficiency, specialist sheeters that greatly reduce labour costs and increase production, and a hand operated dough sheeter that’s capable of folding, crimping, trimming and sealing in a single operation.


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J.L.Lennard is a leading destination for fondant sheeters, including pizza dough sheeter systems and more. Check out our contact page for phone numbers and email addresses. You can also message us online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.