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Dough Rounders

Dough Rounders, Moulders & Presses


At J.L.Lennard, we proudly stock dough rounders, dough moulder machines and dough press machines for commercial kitchens. Suitable for various applications, our dough machine solutions are sure to meet your needs.


Dough Rounders


Available with or without a standard table, our dough rounders are capable of creating 7,200 pieces between 50 grams and 1 kilogram per hour. They feature excellent stick-resistant qualities and are made from lightweight materials. The compact design of our dough rounder machine means it’s also completely demountable, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance.


Dough Moulders


Made from heavy duty stainless steel, our dough moulder machines can produce 30 pieces per minute and are easily adjustable for different bread types. Their versatility makes them an excellent option for demanding environments and applications. They also feature convenient safety sensors for automatic shut-off.


Dough Presses


Like dough moulders, our dough press machines are compact and easily adjustable. In addition, they feature easy-to-use temperature controls and robust construction, helping to reduce unnecessary downtime.


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If you require dough rounders, moulders or presses for your commercial kitchen, look no further than J.L.Lennard. Browse our range, request a price, schedule a demo or place an order with us today. Alternatively, you can contact us for more information.