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Commercial Dough Rolling Machine

Is your pizza restaurant falling behind the expected production standard? Are you finding it difficult to meet demand and worried about the business you might be missing out on? Fortunately, the team at J.L.Lennard can provide a pizza dough roller in Australia that helps you get back on track. These are commonly used in bakeries and pizzerias to make cooking delicious baked goods much easier.

Product Description

Our commercial dough rolling machine products can get the job done properly. Whether you want a front operated dough roller or a side operated dough roller, our machines are capable of sheeting between 500 and 600 pieces per hour. You’ll never have to worry about falling behind the curve again when you have access to these excellent machines.

Our pizza dough roller machines are designed to be compact while maintaining ease of use. We aim to eliminate unnecessary obstacles from the dough rolling process, allowing you to increase your production levels without compromising on quality. Our dough rollers also feature safety sensors for automatic shut-off to put your mind at ease.

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