FUJI VX Flow wrapper for fruit and vegetables

Horizontal form-fill-seal flow wrapping machine with inverted film, ideal for packaging fresh produce and hard-to-handle products.

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The Fuji FW3410 VX-II BS/B flow wrapping machine is ideal where products are best fed directly onto the film. It is suitable for packaging loose fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as products that can be difficult to feed such as flatbreads, sticky products or multiple items.

This flexible wrapping system handles a broad range of product sizes and its open-top former makes changing between products easy.

The VX flow wrapper series benefits from Fuji’s usual high quality construction and reliable performance, with built-in efficiencies for energy and labour savings, waste prevention and easy operation.

Flow Wrapper Applications

The FW3410 VX BS/B flow wrapper uses an inverted or back-seal wrapping system to gently package delicate items such as pieces of fresh fruit and vegetables that can vary in size and shape. This flow wrapper model is designed to handle products of higher height than other Fuji flow wrappers.

Pack formats

  • Pillow packs with, or without, gusset
  • With, or without, tray

Product types

The FW3410 VX BS/B flow wraps products presented as :

  • Loose, individual pieces
  • Sticky products
  • Grouped pieces or multi-packs
  • Shingled products
  • Irregular length products
  • Awkwardly shaped or hard-to-handle products
  • Products suitable for Modified Atmosphere Pack (gas flushing) to extend product shelf life.

Box-motion wrapping for product flexibility

FW3410 VX BS/B is a box-motion flow wrapper. Box-motion models can accommodate a long dwell seal-time which produces a high integrity seal.

This model is also suitable for larger and taller pillow packs. This is ideal for the fresh produce sector which needs to package delicate products which vary in shape, width and height. When packing products of irregular length, an optional sensor determines the length of each product and adjusts the seal position accordingly. The seal is placed to optimise the cut-off length and prevent film wastage.

Film specification for box-motion VX flow wrapper models
Model Sealing action Max film rewind width
FW3410 VX BS/B Box-motion 850mm

VX flow wrapper key features

Optional belted infeed

Belt in-feed conveyor for gentle handling and packaging of non-uniformly sized items. The bottom-fed film allows loose, irregular products such as fruit or vegetables to be transported easily, maintaining synchronisation with the product feed and film registration.

Energy-saving heat fin-seal system

  • Induction fin-seal heater technology replaces the use of slip-rings which are a common cause of sealing failures.
  • Intelligent temperature control systems give even greater consistency of pack quality. Seal temperatures are highly accurate to maintain correct seal integrity.

Pack format versatility

The FW3410 VX BS/B flow wrapper series offers a wide range of seal profiles, seal pressures and pack design options.

Optional Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

MAP (also known as gas flushing) prevents the deterioration of many food and non-food products by minimising the effects of oxygen inside a finished package:

  • Preserves product freshness and prevents product decay.
  • Preserves product qualities such as aromas.
  • Ensures hygiene and product safety.
  • Extends product shelf life.

Modified atmosphere packs must be made from a barrier film. Gas (usually nitrogen) is flushed into the pack, which must then be sealed, using a long dwell seal-time and low inertia leverage, to prevent the gas escaping. These air-tight packs can be produced on Fuji VX flow wrappers.


  • The simple operator panel is easy to navigate and set up products.
  • New type of non-contact film sensor detects the end of film rolls.
  • An open-top, adjustable former enables easy film threading for quicker set-up and product size changeover.
  • Servo motors and timing belt mechanism reduces maintenance costs.
  • User friendly touch panel operation.
  • Controller data ensures correct machine set-up and operation.

Easy maintenance

  • Components are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance
  • Hygienic stainless steel covers.