MULTIPOND Multihead weighers for salads and chopped vegetables

MULTIPOND Fully automatic weighing machines for fresh cut salads ready-to-cook vegetables and stir fry packs
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Customised weighers for each product component

Multipond offers a range of customised solutions for salads and vegetables. Each weigh bucket is selected and calibrated with integral calibration weights to suit individual components and overall output requirements.

For multi-component products, each component can be individually weighed and dosed to ensure the correct distribution within the mix.

Outputs of up to 110 weighings per minute are possible, depending on product and target weight.

Line integration flexibility

Multipond weighers can also be integrated with counting, mixing and packaging equipment. Products are accurately weighed before being automatically mixed and packed with other components, for example adding sachets containing croutons, sauces, dressings etc. They are then transferred into almost any pack format eg bags, trays or multi-compartment trays.


Multipond’s highly accurate weighing system is ideal for single and multiple component salads, such as ready-to-eat salad bowls or ready-to-cook stir-fry vegetable packs etc.

Even difficult products, like moist salad leaves, are easily handled with Multipond’s patented surface profile. These machines handle a variety of shapes and sizes of salad leaves and other fresh food components including:

  • Lettuces like leaf, iceberg, oak-leaf, chicory
  • Endive
  • Chopped vegetables, coleslaws
  • Greek salad mix
  • Fruit salad mix
  • Noodles (dry and moist)
  • Cured meat pieces, prawns etc

Key features of Multipond weighers

All the above multihead weighing systems for salads include the following features:

  • Combining, mixing, counting and dosing functions.
  • IP65 dust and water-repellent standard.
  • Full wash down optional.
  • Tool-less product changeover for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Touch screen operation for user-friendly weigher control with optional camera.
  • High resolution, temperature compensating weigh cells, with integrated calibrating weights, remove the need for manual calibration. This maximises accuracy, increases up-time and reduces giveaway.
  • Automatic feed control optimises each radial feeder for highest weighing efficiency, depending on product flow conditions.
  • Special double ‘bomb door’ hopper flaps for faster, cleaner product discharge, especially good for difficult and sticky products.
  • For optimal versatility, performance and efficiency, weighers can be customised for specific products.
  • All product contact parts are available in many interchangeable materials (eg profiled plastic, smooth plastic or metal), each suitable for handling different product types.