Anritsu High Speed Automatic Weighing - Clean Cup Scale

Anritsu Clean Cup Scale - The power of Automatic Combination Weighers is clearly evident in processes that fill and package specified weights of foodstuffs at high speeds. Anritsu Automatic Combination Weighers not only deliver high speed and precision, but also incorporate a wide palette of techniques for protecting food and maintaining hygiene.

Model No:
Anritsu-Clean Cup Scale


Clean Cup Scale

Ideal for highly sticky product

For Weighing Sticky Foods

Level off-type cups and shutters are made of special plastic. Suited to highly sticky wet products.

VM weighing method improves yield

VM method combining weighing hoppers and memory hoppers increases the number of combinations close to the target weight, contributing to yield improvement.

Easy Cleaning

The parts contacting with food are all removable without any tool. Washdown using hot water of 85 degrees C is also possible.



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