JL Lennard welcomes Retigo combi ovens to our range

Introducing Retigo.


JL Lennard is excited to add the Retigo range of combi steamer and bakery ovens to their existing catalogue of reputable, high-quality equipment offerings.  The Retigo brand is already well known in the market for its efficiency, reliability and low running costs, which fits in perfectly with the other JL Lennard product ranges.

Manufactured in their state of the art factory in the Czech Republic, Retigo ovens are continually being developed through extensive research and testing to ensure they supply a market-leading combi oven into the demanding world of commercial kitchens where reliability and functionality is paramount.

Offering three different levels of controls, means that customers only need to purchase the controller features that suits their needs.

The range:

Orange Vision range gives a basic digital controller for setting cook time, temperature, core temperature base cooks and the all important automatic self-cleaning cycles.

Orange Plus Vision controller steps up to a 7” touch screen controller with programmability, 7 fan speed settings and automatic self-cleaning cycles.

Blue Vision gives all the features and flexibility required for maximum control of cooking cycles including full programmability, automatic cooking cycles for commonly cooked items, 6 point core probe, additional specialised cooking cycles and automatic self-cleaning cycles.

DeliMaster range offers more features specific to bakery applications including 600 x 400mm bakery tray size racking and automatic cooking cycles for bakery specific products. The DeliMaster range also doubles as a combi oven with all the features of the Blue Vision combi range.

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