Henny Penny Evolution Elite

Henny Penny Evolution Elite


  • Requires 40% less frying oil
  • Capacity: 14 litres/13.` kg per vat
  • Consistent fried food flavour and texture
  • Oil Guardian™ auto top-off system ensures consistent oil level in the vat .

Fast, easy filtering

  • Filter Beacon™ immediately identifies which vat is ready for filtering.
  • SmartFilter Express makes it easy to filter while you continue frying in other vats.
  • SmartFilter Express™ makes frequent filtration simple and fast. Operator can filter in less than 4 minutes under optimal conditions.
  • Better design, tough performance
  • A host of well-engineered features makes the Evolution Elite the fryer of choice for high volume frying operations.
  • Electric or gas and split-vat configurations add flexibility to your frying program.

Saves energy

  • Extremely energy efficient, earns the ENERGY STAR® mark for both electric and gas models.

Convenient, operator-friendly features

  • ODS-300 (oil disposal shuttle) accessory makes transporting disposed oil safe and easy.
  • Hinged elements and element lift tool make vat cleanout quick and easy (electric only).