ROVEMA Volumetric bag filling machines

ROVEMA Volumetric and auger bag fillers for free-flowing non free-flowing and dusty products
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Brands: Rovema , ROVEMA


ROVEMA's volumetric and auger bag filling systems consist of dosing and feeding units which place accurate amounts of product into individual packaging units like bags or cartons.

Rovema offers various dosing systems for either free-flowing or non free-flowing products.

All Rovema’s dosing and filling units are ideal for large scale production use and can be used on their own or integrated with other line systems. They can be built for intermittent or continuous motion to suit the packaging machine they will be used with.


Products handled by Rovema fillers:

  1. Free-flowing products, in pellet or granule forms eg:
    • Rice
    • Short-cut pasta
    • Deep frozen food
    • Peanuts
    • Pulses
    • Chocolates
    • Sugar
    • Instant coffee

  2. Non free-flowing products in powder form eg:
    • Milk powders (whole & skim)
    • Ground coffee
    • Spices
    • Icing sugar, brown sugars
    • Wheat flour
    • Cake and bread mixes

Rovema VDD Volumetric cup filler for free-flowing products

A high performance volumetric filler which uses a rotary cup dosing system to handle even difficult free-flowing products.

Fill volumes are adjusted via motorised, adjustable telescopic cups which enlarge or reduce to achieve the required volume. Push button control or feedback from an optional checkweigher ensures that product volumes remain within tolerance.

Options include gas flushing systems, or protective housing for dust-free dosing.

Rovema SDH Auger filling system for free-flowing or non free-flowing products

Servo motor controlled dosing auger for high accuracy and precision with gentle product handling, even for difficult products.

This filler provides up to 20% product compaction for non free-flowing products, with even higher compaction rates using Rovema's patented Vacuum Auger. A stirrer in the hopper distributes product evenly for constant filling, and a servo-driven auger doser fills the product directly into the package.

  • Single or split hopper.
  • Tool-free changing of metering auger and tube.
  • Individual electronic control of dosing unit or can be integrated into control system for main packaging line.

Rovema SW100 Dust-free, auger filling system for powdered or dusty products

This highly accurate auger dosing system is suitable for high value powdery or dusty products like chemicals and pharmaceuticals. This system can handle toxic products as dust does not escape the machine during dosing and filling. Residual dust in the system is extracted by vacuum, for a clean, dust-free sealing area.

Load cell technology continuously measures the weight of the weighing hopper and its contents. This data is fed back to the control system which adjusts the amount of product in the hopper and bag to meet the required pack target weight. This highly precise method of dosing guarantees minimum product giveaway, so there is no need for a downstream check weigher.

  • Patented packing system combines an auger weigher and intermittent bagging machine.
  • Short investment payback period due to minimal 'giveaway'.
  • 5 - 25 kg or 25 - 100 kg weighing range.
  • Fill capacities up to 80 litres.
  • 0.05% - 0.3% Standard deviation accuracy levels, depending on fill weight.
  • Cost savings by using reel fed material rather than pre-made bags.