MULTIPOND Multihead meat & fish weighers

MULTIPOND weighing machines for raw marinated or frozen meat poultry fish and seafood
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Multipond's automatic and semi-automatic multihead weighers can be integrated with counting and mixing equipment. After weighing, product can be conveyed to packaging machines for packing into bags, trays or multi-section dishes.

Accurately weighing raw materials reduces product loss (giveaway) before goods are packaged. This can amount to considerable savings over time, increasing cost-efficiencies on production lines and giving a fast return on investment.


Multipond meat weighers accurately weigh single or multiple meat components simultaneously on a single machine, even if each component has different handling and conveying characteristics.

They handle a wide variety of fresh, cooked, marinated or frozen foods:

  • Chicken wings, thighs, strips
  • Goujons
  • Cutlets
  • Meat strips or pieces
  • Fish
  • Prawns
  • Mussels etc

Each weigher is specified and configured for the characteristics of the individual meat component.

Multipond “J” Generation Series multihead weighers

  • Patented positive feed profile eliminates the need for mechanical feed devices.
  • Up to 200 weighings per minute in combination mode.
  • Up to 300 weighings per minute in dosing mode.
  • Up to 1.5kg / 3kg portion weights for individual dump.
  • 10, 14, 16 or 20 weigh hoppers.

Multipond SAL / SAR Series multihead weighers

Entry level weigher for automating small batch production, giving higher productivity and accuracy than manual weighing. Ideal for products which are difficult or too delicate to feed through a conventional weigher. When used with a conventional multihead weigher, this unit weighs/ counts sub components.

  • Target weights from 0.5g - 12kg (depending on load cells / type of weigher).
  • Up to 25 weighings per minute with 1 operator
  • Up to 45 weighings per minute with 2 operators

Features of Multipond weighers

All Multipond multihead weighing systems for meats and fish include the following features:

  • Higher weights in large portion or multiple dump mode are possible.
  • Maximum accuracy.
  • Fully automatic calibration and taring.
  • Product-specific equipment.
  • Dust and water-repellent design.
  • Combining, mixing, counting and dosing application.