FAWEMA Bag packing machines for pre-made paper bags

FAWEMA automatic bag packers with cam drive for filling pre-made bags with dry product

Model No:
Brands: Fawema , FAWEMA



This range of bagging machines fills pre-made paper bags with a wide range of dry products in powdered, granular or piece forms.

Bags are transported in rigid chambers. Product is compacted during filling to give a high quality bag that maintains its shape during transport and retail display.

Pack types

Pre-made bags including:

  • Block-bottom bags, folded-bottom bags
  • Laminates or mono material
  • Single- or multi-ply bags
  • Low thickness materials
  • Various closure types with or without handles

Key features

  • Transport chambers support the bag and maintain bag shape throughout the filling cycle.
  • Vibration track for product compaction.
  • De-aeration during pre-folding.
  • Precision folding for excellent seal quality.
  • Can be integrated with various types of fillers to suit different product types eg net weighers, volumetric fillers and auger fillers.