Smoothie Dispensers


People are always on the lookout for refreshing and nutritious drinks that make them feel good. Smoothies have become an incredibly popular choice of beverage for more health-conscious individuals in recent times, with major smoothie businesses beginning to spread throughout Australia. If you want to hop on the smoothie bandwagon and attract new customers, consider investing in a quality commercial smoothie machine from the team at J.L.Lennard.


We stock a commercial smoothie machine that’s reliable and efficient, dispensing smoothie products that are consistently delicious. Whether you want a dedicated shake/smoothie machine or a combination shake and soft serve machine, we have you covered. We source our soft serve and smoothie machines from Taylor, a globally recognised industry leader that manufactures innovative food service equipment. Temperatures are maintained below five degrees Celsius and each unit features four castors (two lockable).

Our team can distribute products throughout Australia as well as New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, offering excellent after-sales support. Enquire today for more information and pricing details.