Pratica Chef Express Speed Oven

The Chef Express rapid cook oven utilizes a combination of convection heat high speed impinged air bottom infrared and precision microwave to reduce cook times by more than 80 with chef-quality results Chef Express ovens are equipped with a removable catalytic converter which break down grease-laden vapors allowing for ventless operation

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Up to 80 recipes with 6 steps each

USB port to upload/download recipes

Easy to clean

Adjustable temperature from 86F (30C) to 530F (276C)

User Friendly Interface

Cool-to-touch exterior

Certifed ventless with easy removable catalytic converter

Variable-speed impingement airfow

Independently controlled top and bottom heaters

Ventless side panels allow for zero side clearance installation

Allows the use of metal pans

Constructed from AISI430 (exterior) and AISI304 (interior) stainless steel

Manual mode for on-the-fly cooking

Warranty – 1 year parts and labor

CAD Files

Spec Sheets