BOSSAR Horizontal FFS machines for pouches and sachets

BOSSAR BMK Modular horizontal form-fill-seal pouch and sachet packing machines
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Brands: Bossar , BOSSAR


Bossar’s BMK Series is a range of modular machines which form pouches from roll-stock film with options for customising pack design with added value items such as zippers and plastic reclosable spouts.


The BMK range handles a wide variety of films, products and product formats:

  • Standard 3-sided or 4-sided flat pouches.
  • Stand up pouches.
  • Pouches with reclosable zips.
  • Pouches with reclosable pour spouts and caps.
  • Pouches with added spoons and stirrers.
  • Sachets for refresher towelettes.

Key features

  • Simplex, duplex, triplex and quad format machines to accommodate different volume and throughput requirements.
  • Modular options for adding zips, caps.
  • Modular options for adding spoons or stirrers to packs.