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Pacraft, Japan, is a world leader in the manufacture of compact rotary filling and sealing equipment for a range of pre-made pouches.


Experts in pre-made pouch packers for food, pet food and household products

Pre-made pouches are packs commonly used for shelf-stable, wet or dry products for the food, pet food and chemical industries. Systems include fill-seal machines for flat pouches, stand-up pouches and doypacks, including those for retort processes.


Engineering expertise since 1960

Pacraft have developed their technical experience and innovation in the packaging field over 60 years, specifically focusing on pouch systems. Over time, they have enhanced the designs, features and construction of their sealing and filling equipment for optimal production efficiency and durability.


Pacraft in Australia

JL Lennard is the exclusive Pacraft distributor for Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.