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Commercial Milkshake Dispenser

Milkshakes and thickshakes are wonderful treats that are especially popular during the warmer months of the year. If your cafe or restaurant is looking to increase sales, you can do so by setting up a commercial milkshake dispenser that satisfies the cravings of your customers. Fortunately, the team at J.L.Lennard offer dispenser units that can meet your needs. Whether you want a dedicated shake machine or a soft serve and shake combination machine, we have you covered.

Attract New Customers

Our Taylor milkshake machine and thickshake dispenser is an excellent investment. Your café, restaurant or convenience store can attract brand new customers who are looking for cold refreshments other than the usual bottle of water or soft drink. These stand-alone units use automatic and standby systems to maintain the product at below 5 degrees Celsius, so you can feel confident that your shakes and soft serves will be the right consistency. In addition, they feature four castor wheels for extra mobility. Two of these are lockable to keep them secure and in place.

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