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HUNTER Liquid Filling Machines

Liquid fillers, conveyors and container feeding systems

Automatic and semi-automatic liquid filling machines and related packaging equipment to suit most small- to medium-sized operations.

Hunter offers a range of single or multiple head machines for filling containers with a wide range of liquids, creams and pastes such as:

  1. Food
    Including dairy like products butter, margarine, processed cheese, yoghurt, milk, and non-dairy products like yeast extracts, pate, jams, stews, bread dough, sauces, mayonnaise & salad dressings, peanut butter, honey, chutneys & pickles, cooking oils, fruit juices, cordials, toppings & flavourings.
  2. Cosmetics and nutraceuticals
    Including lotions, shampoos & conditioners, nail varnishes and various creams.
  3. Household and industrial products
    Including detergents, disinfectants, bleaches, motor oils, printing inks, epoxy resins, paints, adhesives, weed killers, garden & agricultural chemicals, veterinary & ethical supplies.

All Hunter fillers incorporate the following features to maximize the efficiency and output rates of your entire liquid packaging line:

Reduction in product wastage or giveaway

  • Accurate (usually better than 0.5%) volumetric repeatability prevents overfilling, translating into significant savings.
  • Less risk of underweight containers on shelves avoids expensive claims from unhappy consumers.

Hygienic, non-drip nozzles

  • No spills, so less machine cleaning and reduced changeover time.
  • Less product residue on the container lip and thread drastically reduces the risk of product contamination.
  • Product contact parts constructed from T316 stainless steel or special plastics.

High speed filling rates

  • Frees up operators for other work.

Continuous, controlled pressure dispensing

  • Automated dispensing for less operator input.

Gravimetric Fillers (Fill by Weight)

Gravimetric filling with fast, accurate metering of quantities from 0.5ml up to 200 litres.

  • Single or multiple head fillers.
  • Top fill or sub-surface fill configuration.

Volumetric Fillers (Fill by Volume)

Volumetric filling from 10ml to 5,000ml in a single shot dose.

  • Automated, in-line filling for versatile applications.
  • 2, 4, 6 or 8 head configurations
  • Extremely robust units.
  • Filling most containers 50ml - 5 litres.
  • Piston type fillers.
Piston Fillers

Fully automatic, piston-type volumetric fillers which offer the following advantages:

  • Handle wide range of viscosity/ consistency from water to chutney, jams, stews etc.
  • Handle variety of container sizes from 1ml to 1000 litres.
  • Simple controls.
  • Heavy duty models or compact, bench top models.


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